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Acheive Success Through Teamwork

A.Status lives by a company philosophy of loyalty to our people and results for our clients. Our success is built upon standards of only promoting from within, leading by example at all times, and working as hard for our clients as we would for ourselves. A.Status strives to be the perfect combination of entrepreneurial spirit, superb client service, and successful business professionals.


Our Structure


Our unique approach to marketing combined with our simple system for success, proves itself time and time again for our clients, our office and our team. Small accomplishments lead to bigger, better achievements. By sticking with what works, we are free to maintain a level of professionalism and ongoing development, rather than seeking a new way to reinvent the wheel.

Our People


Our people are the backbone of our success. We have excelled in our industry by giving our team the tools they need to be successful. We stand side by side to give our clients brands the best representation. The results we are able to attain go unrivaled and our journey to a successful future becomes shorter with each campaign goal that is reached. Our people dream big, and so do we!

Our Success


Our success isn’t measured by our profit margin, it’s more complexly intermingled with the success of the entire team. Individual milestones help to create an atmosphere of contagious success. Knowledge is power and by choosing to pass it on, our growth and expansion see’s no limit, knows no boundaries and only uses failures as a way of getting to the next successful rung on the ladder.

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”-Mario Andretti



The Skills that Determines Success

  • Development100%
  • Mentorship80%
  • Marketing60%
  • Effort70%
  • Dedication80%

What Makes Us Successful?

  Let us show you how your success can be attained and why our overall structure means it will stick!


About Our Company

Who We Are

Our mission is to acquire and retain valuable customers for various types of companies and businesses. We are fully integrated in our disciplines, bringing together traditional, digital and direct response. We can quickly and effectively accomplish relatively large tasks by assembling dedicated and full-time teams for your project.


We understand that our clients have particular areas of expertise ranging from home improvement to the biggest names in satellite television services. Our company is committed to excellence in professionalism as well as to supply every client with a quality sales team to enhance our clients’ product and services. A.Status Marketing Inc. implements a one-on-one approach which allows us to provide the highest quality sales and marketing services to our clients and their customers alike.
We are a marketing firm that specializes in marketing programs for our clients’ products and services. The client base for A.Status Marketing has expanded to satellite television, home improvement and consumer electronics. With the unveiling of our solidified and effective marketing program, A.Status Marketing has developed an undeniably powerful presence in some of the world’s largest chain retailers in a short amount time.
Fundamental values have been solidified into our business culture through various different backgrounds and experience from the founders of our business.  These experiences come from several distinctive backgrounds of Sports Management, Military Background, Coaching, Personal Training, Business Management, Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Financial Advisers, and several other respective fields which we are proud to say make up the potent values of our company. These values have been implemented and structured into a Business/Management Development Program that has built and shaped our company to the prestigious and opportunistic company that it is today.


The Future.


By taking advantage of our Business/Management training and opportunities for professional development, even those with limited work experience can build personal and professional skills that will last a lifetime. The future is bright and consistent at A.Status for individuals that are team players, creative thinkers and self starters who are goal and detail-oriented and have an affinity for working with people. Most openings require no experience and are considered entry level.



Our advertising campaigns are innovative, fresh and present the very best our clients business has to offer.


New client acquisition is our specialty and how we promote your business is what differentiates us and sets us apart.


Currently we market for the premier satellite television, home improvement and consumer electronics.


Our clients can expect the same level of professionalism with each campaign and can achieve greater brand recognition as well as increased revenue.




Making the decision to take your business to new levels of success can be a confusing endeavor. When deciding on the correct approach, there are multiple factors that play an integral part in the decision process. “Will the company we choose to hire to represent us actually attain the goals we set forth?”, “Will our business benefit from the exposure or products and services provided?”, “How can my business grow through promotional advertising?”. So many questions can go unanswered with marketing companies that solely seek to add new clients to their portfolio without taking the clients specific needs into consideration. Your goals are our goals and each campaign, each client is represented in such a way that success in inevitable. The professionalism of our team can take a campaign and transform it into a winning advantage for the client. Find out how we can be of service to your business and what the future looks like with A.Status at the helm of your advertising and marketing efforts.

Clients & Services

How We Do It

Today’s advertising choices are limitless and can leave you reeling and disoriented. Apps, mini ads, newspaper, TV, radio, mobile devices, the list goes on. How do you make the right decision for your business and even more importantly how do you know it will work? Many companies have chosen to leave the answers in the hands of the experts, but that still leaves you with who do you trust to be the expert. No matter the technological advances that come, we know one thing never changes, the consumer. We may have advanced to advertising through smart phones and mobile devices as opposed to the traditional forms of print and Television/Radio, but we are still aiming to reach a human consumer. While these new forms of promotion can be useful, we still feel that human interaction is key to solidifying the relationship between the business and the consumer. Although we prefer to quickly click a button and get what we want, we still yearn to be valued by the businesses we choose to support. We have never forgotten this one important key to greater recognition for the clients products or services. Our one on one approach with the potential consumer still leads to very best results and helps to create stronger loyalty from that consumer throughout the lifetime of the business relationship.



Truth in Marketing
No matter how badly we all want success, the importance of truth in marketing can be invaluable to the length of your businesses success. Laying out the product or service in a genuine manner will help to acquire the consumer, but also keep the consumers business moving forward with a strong relationship and loyalty. Our marketing campaigns can highlight your business in the most truthful and professional manner possible.
Consumer Interaction
There is no better way to allow a consumer to find value in your products and services than to allow them to experience them for themselves. Our approach of human interaction helps to ensure that the consumer has the opportunity to do just that. We don’t use fancy tricks to secure their business, we involve them in the decision they are making by presenting them with the correct information and allowing them to be in control.
The Right Representation
When choosing a team to give your business exposure, it’s important to remember that they will be representing your entire business structure. A.Status prides itself on hand picking the team that will oversee your marketing campaigns and making sure that they have the clients best interest at heart. Representing your business is a privilege we don’t take lightly.
Positive Reviews
When it’s all said and done and the consumer has put their faith in your business the word of mouth reviews from their personal experiences are what make the real difference in the level of success the campaign can offer. Backing up a spectacular campaign with the same level of support and customer service is key. Getting your team ready for what the consumer expects is a vital part of the equation.



We can catapult your business into greater success, increased revenue and a more solid reputation. We set up campaigns inside large retail establishments, targeting the consumers who are already in a “shopping” frame of mind. A great display helps to draw their attention, but in the end, it’s our team and the human interaction we provide that will solidify the deal. Who we reach is just as important as how we reach them. We give the consumer a unique experience in which they can test the waters before making their decision. Our marketing campaigns can benefit almost any type of business and provide results that will expand the client base for that client, and develop better brand recognition and exposure.

  • Developing the right marketing campaign that will offer your business the very best results.
  • Providing professional representation for your campaigns = better brand recognition and exposure.
  • Creating successful campaigns, specifically catered to your needs.
  • Bringing the consumer directly to your business through on site advertising approaches.
  • Building successful, lasting relationships with our clients and maintaining the clients goals as our own.





Career Opportunities

Determined, Driven to Succeed?

A.Status Marketing Inc. pursues candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit. Individuals excited to grow within the company. Over the course of a year we have expanded our client portfolio with new divisions and locations. Our ultimate goal is for qualified candidates to complete our training program and eventually oversee and manage new programs, markets and locations. Our philosophy is entirely promotion within the company.

Our training program is designed for individuals to begin their careers within our organization at the Entry Level. Every person in our organization begins at entry level regardless of their educational background or experience. At A.Status Marketing Inc. we strongly believe in developing individuals from entry level stages of marketing and client relations to ultimately developing their own management skills to then manage and oversee a new market. Associates are promoted within the organization upon their work ethic, ability to manage people and clients as well as a high aptitude for learning.


A Simple Program Structure

A.Status makes it simple to realize your goals in your career. Our training program is designed to work for any individual willing to learn and apply what they have learned towards real life experiences. Hands on is the very best way for our team to grasp how to do what we do and apply it to the campaigns they will be working with. Everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up at their own pace.


Being Part Of A Team

At A.Status, we work together to make success happen. Whether it’s working on Client Campaigns, the business philosophy, time and team management, public relations, paperwork or simply setting goals for the future, we all take part in the success attained by the organization. You will learn our entire business model and advancement is rewarded based on merit NOT seniority. Setting and reaching personal goals is just as important as the success of our company.


How Fast Can You Expect to Move Up?

There is no specific time frame for how quickly you will advance. Everyone learns at a different pace, however, you will never be held back because someone else has been here longer. How hard you work and how fast you learn will determine the rate at which you advance within the company and program. Guided by some of the sharpest individuals in our company, you will have all the tools necessary to reach the level of success you wish to see.




At A.Status, we are motivated by your success. The growth and expansion of our company relies on teaching others how to be successful. Our mentors help to guide you through the program and instill in you the same set of values and work ethics that have allowed them the success they have experienced with us. When you are chosen to be a part of our team, we are dedicated to helping you just as much as you help us and our client base.



How Far Can I Advance?

The Management Program at A.Status is geared to put you in place for location management, however there is no cap as to how far you can advance and the sky is the limit when it comes to the rewarding future you can set for yourself. Being a part of our team means bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table and learning how to pass that on to others. The more successful you are within the company, the more you will see opportunities open up for you.



How Much Experience Do I Have To Have?

Our program structure is designed to be flexible and mold itself to the experience level of each person coming on board. You could join us with no experience or have a wealth of it already under your belt, either way, you are still given the same opportunities as everyone else at success. When you choose to be a part of the A.Status team, you have made a decision that will determine where your future takes you. Together we can achieve great things!

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